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"Two especially satisfying performances stand out; Vanessa Sawson as a narcoleptic playing Charlotte Corday, paired with Brandon Grantz as a grabby satyromaniac playing Duperret, one of her compatriots. Their downstage-center dialogues practically define alienation as the artists portray multiple layers of fantasy, destroying them as the go."  

John Quinn, Encore Michigan Review

"Though there are numerous talented actors in the current crop at the Hilberry Theatre, Wayne State University’s acclaimed graduate program, first-year student Vanessa Sawson stands out for taking on key roles in virtually all of this season’s productions."

John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press Feature

"Sawson's Beatrice was a joyful, merry soul.  Sawson found witty ways to deliver traditional scenes and made them feel fresh and new.  She was a loving creature who was as lacking in shrewishness as Toomey was in bluster.  They were two heroes worth fighting for."

Bridgette M. Redman, Encore Michigan Review

"Vanessa Sawson, as Constance Ledbelly, is simply awesome.  In the manner of the best comedic actresses, she transports the audience in her world (make that "worlds") and along the was transforms the mousy Constance into a fierce woman who ultimately fights for what she believes in."  

Patty Nolan, Detroit Theatre Examiner Review

"Vanessa Sawson’s Mrs. Boyle is also a brilliantly developed character. The young actress truly makes the audience believe she is the gray-haired, crotchety, stiff-upper-lipped Brit that Christie intended her to be." 

Samantha White,

Oakland Press Review

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